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Tire & Rubber Removal Services

Do you have tires and other rubber items occupying precious space in your garage that need to be removed? Are you struggling to figure out the correct way to quickly and efficiently dispose of such materials? 

Well, the answer to all your problems is simple–call Go2 Logistics Junk Removal, and let us do our magic. Before you know it, all your junk will be out the (metaphoric) window, and you will forget you ever had it. 

At Go2 Logistics Junk Removal, we aim to help everyone in the greater Elfers, FL areas live a junk-free and decluttered life. We do everything from storage unit cleanouts to light demolition to tires and rubber removal

Tire Removal
Tires & Rubber Removal

Why tires need to be disposed off correctly

Tires are inherently non-biodegradable items that contain many chemicals. Therefore, you cannot send them to landfill because they will end up emanating toxic chemicals into the ground, air, and water. As you can imagine, incorrect disposal of tires and other rubber items can harm the environment.
That is why almost all states have passed very strict and particular guidelines that we must follow to ensure the proper disposal of such items.
Tires are also technically classified as hazardous materials. Again, it is because they are highly flammable. If they catch fire, they can release large swathes of toxic chemicals into the environment.

Book an appointment today, and let us help you with all of the tires & rubber removal problems!

We are pros at tire and rubber removal

At Go2 Logistics Junk Removal, we understand everything about tire removal, and we do it right every time. Our cleanup experts have decades of experience and approach every job with great care. As a family-run, old-fashioned business, we aim to nurture great relationships with all our customers and always put them first. 

Considering how toxic and difficult to handle tires and rubber items can be, we truly believe their disposal is a job best left for professionals. 

Free estimates

We understand that, as a customer, you may want to weigh your options before you finally book a job. That’s why we do free estimates when we arrive to inspect the site. However, we start our work after you give us the go-ahead. We try our best to fix a time and date for your job that suits you – after all, the customer is king!

Convenience is key

When you schedule an appointment with us, we always come prepared to do the job. So in case our free estimate works for you and you have time on your hands, chances are all the rubber and tires you need removed will be taken care of immediately. How’s that for convenience? 

So, what are you waiting for? Call us if you have any items taking up unnecessary space in your home. We will help declutter your home quickly and remove all the stress related to junk disposal and recycling. 

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Give us a call today and we’ll be on our way to pick up your junk. Just point at it and it’s gone.

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